Green Day Trashes Trump At AMAs: ‘No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!’ (VIDEO)


During Sunday night’s American Music Awards, punk rock group Green Day trashed Donald Trump. During the performance of their new single “Bang Bang,” lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong sang the lyrics “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!” That line is heard at anti-Trump protests.


Naturally, a #BoycottGreenday hashtag was quickly created. Trump supporters seem to be demanding political correctness from punk rock bands now. Conservatives are saying that bands should entertain us without being political. You know, like they didn’t say to Ted Nugent.

“The worst problem I see about Trump is who his followers are,” Armstrong said in August. “I actually feel bad for them, because they’re poor, working-class people who can’t get a leg up. They’re pissed off and he’s preyed on their anger. He just said, ‘You have no options and I’m the only one, and I’m going to take care of it myself.’ I mean, that’s f*cking Hitler, man!”

Armstrong’s reaction to Donald Trump’s victory:

“People love a fucking asshole,” he said. Armstrong isn’t wrong.

Meanwhile, Trump hasn’t tweeted in 24 hours. He could be on a coke binge or just taking a nap before unleashing mean-girl tweets about Green Day.

Our friends at Winning Democrats have posted a series of Tweets from sad Trump supporters attempting to boycott the band.

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