Gun Enthusiast’s Obituary After Accidentally Killing Self While Cleaning Gun Is Really Weird


Another responsible gun owner somehow managed to kill himself this weekend while cleaning his gun collection.  St. Alban’s Messengers published an obituary for Scott E. Noel, 22, who passed away “accidentally” by shooting himself.  How he did this is unknown because details are murky. Either he left a bullet in the gun and discharged it while looking at the barrel or pointing it at his body or he committed suicide and his family is not disclosing that part.

The Four Rules of Gun Safety are as follows:
  • Treat all guns as if they are loaded.
  • Never point the gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target (and you have made the decision to shoot).
  • Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

Noel was “passionate about anything to do with guns from gun-smithing and shooting to collecting and was an advocate and believer and the 2nd Amendment ‘Right to Bear Arms,” according to his obituary. Apparently, somehow he missed the lesson on making sure your gun has no bullets in it before cleaning it.  He also didn’t follow the four gun safety rules outlined above.

The greatest irony of this sad story? His family asks that contributions be made in Noel’s name to the Vermont Turkey and Young Guns Club. Yes, their son dies from a self inflicted gunshot wound due to his irresponsibility in handling his own personal gun collection, but please donate to a gun club dedicated to teaching young people gun safety. Clearly, he learned all sorts of safety rules from them.

Gun Violence Archive reports that since January 1, 2016 there have been 12,517 incidents of gun violence.  Of that total, 610 were accidental shootings.  How many of these were shootings by supposed “good guys” or pro-2A advocates who just happened to make a mistake leading to the death or injury of an innocent child or adult?

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