Gun Store Owner Disparages Female Veteran, Says Business Has Increased ‘900 Percent’


After disparaging a female Veteran and randomly calling women a ‘bitch’ a ‘whore’ and a ‘c*nt’ on his business page, gun nuts flocked to this little feller’s business in Texas to throw their hard dollars at him.













After insulting the Vet, comments poured into his page. A few of them were admittedly unacceptable, but the majority came from pissed off Americans who do not support this alleged human’s description of a veteran who is also a member of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

Ike called Marie a “porn star” in a picture which he circulated.

















Something tells me Ike Stephens wouldn’t call Marie a ‘porn star’ to her face.



















After Ike was called out for his remarks, he and his supporters claimed she was lying about her service.

Marie provided me with copies of her reservist order; her deployment orders for Desert Shield/Desert Storm and her Honorable Discharge paperwork.

I have copies of the other documents, too.
















Marie earned a couple of Medals which are listed on her order. She served during Desert Storm which makes her a Gulf War (aka: Desert Storm) Veteran.

The war ended before she was flown out and some of his supporters don’t feel that she is enough of a Veteran. Oh my God. I’ll bet they didn’t say that about Joni Ernst.

This is how he feels about women.











One lady wrote, “I won’t be shopping there” so of course, he called her a ‘bitch’ and a ‘whore.’












Some went on to claim that Marie didn’t even make it out of boot camp.

Even after proof was offered of Marie’s service, trolls have presented the following arguments: (1)She did not pass boot camp, so she is not a Marine; (2) Even if she did pass boot camp; she is not a Veteran because she didn’t serve enough time and/or wasn’t deployed (she was assigned to Camp Lejeune); (3) Ok, she did past boot camp; is a Marine; she maybe a Veteran; however, she is not a Gulf War (Desert Storm) Veteran because she wasn’t in Iraq or did not serve enough time during the War to qualify – most likely she was on duty in Camp Lejeune during the war; however, she wasn’t responding or operating in the campaign.

Marie has brass ovaries. She signed up to fight a war while those disparaging her did nothing.

My pal @LiberalDarling called him out, but the alleged human has only amped up the rhetoric.



















Here’s his crew puttin’ the Christ back in Christmas in a card featuring Ike’s parents and siblings.

Unfortunately, they’re breeding.












This is one of Ike’s little brothers.




















Ike’s business page is getting slammed on Facebook, but he says they’re playing the ‘gender card’ when he gets called out for calling women ‘cunts’.

Naturally, he’s getting a lot of ‘likes’ for his misogynistic remarks.

















He claims his business has increased 900% since he made those remarks.






There is no such thing as 900 percent.

There it is. That’s how these people talk to and about women. He has 883 new ‘likes’ on his page this week after insulting a female vet. I gave him one star because he’s an insult to the human race. Reading his remarks sucked IQ points out of my head. Also, they don’t have an option to give him a half-star. What’s he going to do, call me mean names?

Ike Stephens of Big Tex Outdoors is giving a discount if you type in ‘LIBTARDS’ on his site when you order your gunz. (Republican caps, his).


Marie created a GoFundMe page for all Veterans, not just a cherry picked few. Please consider donating. #OperationPayback.

Be sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook.

Big thanks to @LiberalDarling for contributing to this post. And a huge thanks to Marie for her service.

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