‘Hail Victory!’: The KKK Held A Parade In N.C. To Celebrate Trump’s Election (VIDEO)


The Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan announced that the group would hold a “klavalkade Klan parade” to celebrate Trump’s victory on December 3, 2016 in Pelham, N.C. but what they did was change locations and held the shit fest in Roxboro.

The Ku Klux Klan made its way through the city’s downtown with windows rolled down, shouting “White power” and “Hail Victory!” Confederate flags adorned the vehicles, because of course. Trump flags and Christian flags were present as well.

The Times News estimates that about 30 cars drove by. Police blocked traffic for the KKK’s parade.


KKK leader Amanda Barker said what she likes about Trump, “We actually kind of have the same views.”

“Actually a lot of white Americans actually felt the same way, especially about the wall, immigration and the terrorism coming here,” she continued. “I think Donald Trump is going to do some really good things and turn this country around.”
Barker said, “More white people sit there going, ‘Woo Trump! I’m proud to be white” since the election.

“And now it seems like these people are kind of waking up, saying, ‘I’m not held down and now I can actually feel privileged and feel proud to be white once more,'” she added.

Apparently she feels white people have been oppressed.

The Loyal White Knights’ “exalted cyclops,” who told the Times News his name was “John Roberts,” said plans for a cross lighting were still up in the air.

Roberts was asked about protesters who refer to the KKK as a racist organization. To him, the protesters are the racists, not the KKK.

“They’re the most extreme racists out there,” Roberts said. “They spew nothing but race hatred.”

Roberts said rhetoric on the Loyal White Knights’ website “could be seen as” hostile but he said it’s just “a marketing ploy.”

“We’re a separatist group,” Roberts said. “We’re not a hate group.”

Sure, next he’ll be telling us the Confederate flag is really about heritage.

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