Haitian Government Revealed Trump Properties Helped A Brutal Dictator Launder Money


You know how Donald Trump made some racist remarks about Haiti and Africa? Well, Trump might want to think twice considering that Haiti has some information about him he probably doesn’t want blasted all over the universe.

Buzzfeed reports that the Haitian government complained in the 1980s that dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier was using Trump properties to launder money — a factor that may have contributed to his numerous racist remarks:

The Haitian government claimed in the 1980s that ousted dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier laundered stolen treasury funds when he bought Trump Tower apartment 54-K for $446,875 in August 1983. Duvalier used a Panama shell company called Lasa Trade and Finance to buy the apartment in cash. Trump signed the deed of sale.

This isn’t the first instance of money laundering associated with Trump. In fact, it’s far from it. The Trump Taj Majal was charged with violating anti-money laundering regulations more than 100 times in two years for failing to identify gamblers who cashed out or bought more than $10,000 in chips. Trump paid out a $477,000 fine in 1998 but admitted to no wrongdoing.

These and other instances of corruption and crime in Trump’s past seem to have him very worried as Robert Mueller’s investigation begins to focus on Trump’s financial dealings — a fact that has the Groperfuhrer feeling very nervous.

That’s likely the reason for the new tactic Trump’s layers are attempting to use to shield the Orange One from too much contact with Mueller during any potential interviews, citing “presidential privilege” and considering asking special counsel to provide written questions beforehand for Trump to answer at his leisure.

That probably won’t fly, especially considering how much more comes out about Donald Trump every single day.

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