He Lived Long And Prospered: Leonard Nimoy, ‘Mr. Spock’ Of ‘Star Trek,’ Dies At 83


Last year, Leonard Nimoy, the actor who played Mr. Spock on the series ‘Star Trek’, announced on Twitter that he wasn’t well, attributing that to the years he spent smoking.

Mr. Nimoy died on Friday morning at his home in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles. He was 83-years-old.

His wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, confirmed his death, saying the cause was end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the Washington Post reports.

Nimoy had given up smoking three decades earlier. Earlier in the week, he was hospitalized.

Nimoy’s career was launched when ‘Star Trek’ premiered on Sept. 8, 1966.

Nimoy was born in Boston on March 26, 1931. His parents, Max and Dora Nimoy, were Ukrainian immigrants and Orthodox Jews.

His father worked as a barber.

From a humble background, an actor emerged, garnering fans who would later be known as ‘Trekkies.”

At 83, Leonard Nimoy, lived long and prospered.

I was a big fan. That will not cease because he reached the end of  his life. As a kid, I remember watching each and every episode with my mother and I’m quite sure she had a crush on Mr. Spock.

One more time:

“Beam me up, Scotty.”

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