HEAR IT: Fox Host Says He Would Kick Roy Moore’s Head In If He Creeped On His Daughters


On Friday, Fox & Friends News host Brian Kilmeade ripped into Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore (R) after a woman accused the embattled former judge of calling her at her high school to ask her on a date when he was in his 30s and worked as a district attorney.

Kilmeade was speaking with Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) about the accusations from multiple women.

“I would kick his head in if it was one of my daughters, and then I would call the cops,” Kilmeade said on Fox News Radio.

Lankford said that some of his friends in Alabama felt that they were in a “difficult spot” because they didn’t want to support Moore’s Democratic challenger, Doug Jones, but, they also weren’t “sure” about supporting Moore due to the sexual misconduct allegations against him, according to The Hill.

We’re not sure how this is a “difficult” position for them to be in since their options are an alleged perv who creeped on high school girls or a man who prosecuted KKK members after they killed 4 African American girls.

“Senator, nine women coming forward, that voter in Alabama that called you, is not in a hard spot,” Kilmeade said. “You cannot vote for somebody that’s calling people’s mothers to get permission when you’re 30 years old to date a teenager.”

“As the dad of a teenage daughter, I was absolutely astounded by the first accusation and then it just comes up over and over and over again,” Lankford replied. “What I hope will live with every vote that I take is that I have to be able to explain to my children and that’s one I can’t explain to my children.”

“You can’t,” Kilmedade said. “It’s not he said/she said — she’s in high school and she got a call in her trigonometry class to go to the general office at which time 30 year-old Roy Moore was the other line asking her out for a date.”

“That is obscene and I would kick his head in if it was the one of my daughters and then I would call the cops,” Kilmeade added.

Listen to the audio, uploaded by Raw Story:

That’s a nice story but why does the Fox network support Donald Trump following accusations by 16 women? The Access Hollywood tape was pretty jaw-dropping, too.

Roy Moore has nine accusers with at least 30 people to corroborate their stories. The Alabama Republican was also allegedly banned from the local mall as well as the YMCA because he kept perving on teenage girls. Meanwhile, Moore refuses to leave the race and his most ardent supporters are still standing by his side.

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