Helen Mirren Vows To Be The ‘Nastiest Of All Nasty Women’ (VIDEO)


There’s nothing like a dame — especially Dame Helen Mirren who has never been one to mince words.

The beloved Mirren was honored as one of ELLE magazine’s “legends” at the ELLE Women In Hollywood event in Los Angeles. As always, her thank-you speech was as sharp, wise and witty as ever, and it began with a delicious poke at the beast we know is Donald Trump.

“To make you proud that you chose to honor me tonight, I am going to be the nastiest of all nasty women,” she told the glitzy crowd.

Of course, Mirren was alluding to one of the 2016 election’s most memorable memes, “Nasty Woman,” which has been trending off- and online since the Donald had the sexist nerve to call Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” at the final presidential debate.

During a discussion of entitlement reform, Clinton jabbed Trump for avoiding paying income tax for a number of years.

“We need to put more money into the Social Security trust fund,” she said. “That’s part of my commitment to raise taxes on the wealthy. My Social Security payroll contribution will go up, as will Donald’s, assuming he can’t figure out how to get out of it.”

Trump interjected: “Such a nasty woman.”

The moment that comment came out of his mouth is a moment, as they say, that will live in infamy. Since that notable evening, the “Nasty Woman” meme has been popping up here, there and everywhere — from social media pages, T-shirts, buttons and signs to speeches by such illustrious women as Elizabeth Warren and Mirren.

During her thank-you speech, Mirren also delivered her list of six important pieces of advice to bestow upon other women.

Never drink alcohol (unless celebrating, upset, or on a day that ends with the letter Y — luckily, quite a flexible policy).
Don’t be in a rush to get married.
Give your partner freedom to achieve their ambitions.
Always split aces, eights and nines on the blackjack table.
Connect with friends daily — beyond social media.
And, finally, “ignore anyone who judges the way you look, especially if he or she is some anonymous miserable creep lurking on the Internet or is a bloated, small-headed dinosaury-handed candidate for President.”

Drop mic.


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