Here Is A Security Guard For Donald Trump Punching A Protester In His Face


At Donald Trump’s ceremonial loyalty-pledge-signing-oath on Thursday, a vow which will certainly doom Republicans, a group of protesters showed up holding a big blue banner that read “Trump: Make America Racist Again.”














So naturally, just like a President’s security guard would do (wink wink), the banner was ripped away from the protesters.


One of the protesters then chased the guard and grabbed him, at which point the guard turned around and punched the guy in the face, Mother Jones reports.

The New York Times reports that, the Trump campaign said that the security team member on Thursday was ‘jumped from behind’ and that the campaign would ‘likely be pressing charges’.

The banner went inside of Trump Tower with security, who obviously feels that Signs Lives Do Not Matter.

The protesters holding the banner were highlighting not only support for Mr. Trump by a jaw dropping number of white supremacists, but obviously his acidic remarks about Mexicans.

Obviously, the best way to counter the ‘racist’ rhetoric, is to punch a person of color in the face.

Face punchers for Trump!

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