Hillary Hits Alabama GOP For Not Issuing Driver’s Licenses In Counties With Black Registered Voters


Hillary Clinton will use a speech in Alabama Saturday to hit Alabama Republicans, including Gov. Robert Bentley, over the state’s decision to stop issuing driver’s licenses in every single county in which blacks make up more than 75 percent of registered voters. In a state which requires photo ID to vote.















Clinton, at Alabama Democratic Conference’s Convention, will call for Bentley and the Republican-controlled legislature to “listen to their constituents, and for the offices to stay open — not just for one day a month,” according to CNN.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency announced last week that an $11 million cut in the budget will force the closing of 31 part-time, county-owned satellite locations at which residents can obtain or renew their licenses — that means that residents will need to travel to other counties to apply for licenses. This move comes just one year after the state’s voter photo ID law went into effect.

Democrats say this move is politically motivated due to the state’s strict voter identification laws and will disproportionately affect African-American voters in that state.

In the speech, Clinton will call the state’s voting rights laws — including a requirement to provide proof of citizenship — “discriminatory and demeaning and it has to end,” her aides told CNN.

The closures,” Clinton will say, “affect every single county where African-Americans make up more than 75% of registered voters.”

Earlier this month, Clinton said in a statement, “This is only going to make it harder for people to vote. It’s a blast from the Jim Crow past.”

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