House Approves Giving Trump A F*ckton Of Money For Dumb Wall Mexico Won’t Be Paying For (VIDEO)


If it’s Friday it’s #TrumpFailureDay. Actually, the failure of Donald Trump’s campaign and presidential promises have occurred every day that ends in “y” since his inauguration on January 20th.

Trump has failed to get Mexico to pay for his dumb vanity wall after all, and so GOPers in the House have come to the Liar-in-Chief’s rescue by approving $1.6 billion in spending of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars to build that wall the majority of Americans don’t want.

So it seems that all those Mexicans Republican Steve King said had cantaloupe calves will be tossing bags of heroin over our southern border after all.

Not really. I just couldn’t pass up repeating two of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard from Republicans.

Even worse, the nearly 2 billion dollars come in an $800 billion dollar spending package for a lot of other things Americans don’t want. They want jobs, healthcare, clean energy, and a solution to end the opioid addictions. You know, important things. Not some stupid Trump erection (pun intended).

Fox news, albeit reluctantly, had to report it, of course. So Trump’s favorite 3-hour propaganda program Fox & Friends took to Twitter to report this campaign promise failure in a short tweet they hoped, I’m sure, would go unnoticed in the wee hours of the morning.

Twitter users reacted quickly.

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