How In The World Could Republicans Get ‘Moore Strange’? Trump’s About To Find Out


Donald Trump likes to think that he has some influence over what happens in the United States — and even around the world — simply by tweeting about it.

To some extent, he’s probably right. He has been able in the past to rile up his supporter base for various endeavors. Mostly, though, his influence on Twitter comes in the form of uniting people in opposition to him and his policies.

It’s a tricky political game, though. Donald Trump’s base is made up of, well… Not the best and brightest, to be honest. And with a special election coming up in Alabama, some are in the dark about who to vote for. Trump would like for them to vote for Luther Strange, if his Twitter is any indication.

That’s from last Saturday, when Trump began tweeting in support of Strange in earnest. Luther Strange is the current — temporary — senator from Alabama, appointed by the Republican governor after Jeff Sessions left his seat in the Senate to join the Justice Department.

Since then, Trump’s tweets in support of Strange have only increased in number and intensity:

Those all come from Wednesday, when Trump found out that some former members of his own administration were endorsing and even campaigning for Strange’s opponent, Roy Moore. If you know nothing about this election, and your thought was, “Well, anyone but the guy Trump wants,” I want you to sit down. I have some very bad news for you.

Remember that judge a long time ago who refused to award full custody of three teenage kids to their biological mother because she was in a lesbian relationship? Do you recall the judge who steadfastly refused to remove a monument to the Ten Commandments that was erected on the grounds of the state courthouse, to the point where he was removed from the bench? How about the judge who, upon being reelected to Alabama’s Supreme Court, refused to comply with the United States Supreme Court’s ruling striking down state bans on gay marriage, even instructing other judges in his state to refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples?

That’s Roy Moore. And if all of that doesn’t sound exactly like the kind of person a Trump supporter would like to elect, especially in Alabama, you just haven’t been paying attention. So what’s a God-fearing Trump fan to do?

Some are disappointed in Trump’s endorsement of Luther Strange:

But some have theories:

Is Trump wrong on the issues in Alabama? Or is he playing a long game, trusting his supporters to pick up on a wink and a nod to the “Biblical” candidate?

History is not kind to the second theory. Donald Trump is not a nuanced man. And he definitely doesn’t like to look like he’s losing. As much as some of us theorized about him hedging bets, pulling fake-outs, and engaging in political theater, the truth is, Donald Trump just isn’t smart enough for any of that. He sure as hell wouldn’t be tweeting as often as he is about how well Strange is doing, and how much that has to do with himself personally:

Will Trump supporters figure it all out before Tuesday? I’m afraid they’re in for a bunch of broken hearts, because this election gets “Moore Strange” by the minute.

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