Human Bowtie Tucker Carlson Calls Trump Staring Into Eclipse ‘Impressive’


I would almost think he was kidding if it were anyone else. On Monday night, Tucker Carlson took to the Fox News airwaves to discuss that day’s solar eclipse, visible across most of North America. Of course, it wouldn’t be Tucker’s show unless he weighed in on how President Donald Trump himself had experienced it. Let’s watch:

Again, it’s tempting to dismiss this as simply an unfunny joke. But remember, this is Tucker we’re talking about. This is the same guy that had Trump on his show and recorded this abomination, which I will do you a favor and only link to, rather than putting his stupid dumb face on the page again.

Let’s just make sure we have this right:

“Even the President saw it. But in a move that’s not a complete surprise, he looked directly at the sun without any glasses. Perhaps the most impressive thing any president has ever done.”

Tucker, after all of your praise for and defense of Donald Trump, if this is a joke, I don’t think you pulled it off, brother. I think you just managed to make both of you look like dumbasses.

Featured image via video screen capture

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