‘I Have Nightmares’: Nixon’s Watergate Lawyer Warns That Trump Is An ‘Unfolding Disaster’ (VIDEO)

Ex-Nixon lawyer disses Donald Trump

John Dean, former counsel to Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal that led to his resignation told Sky News that Donald Trump gives him nightmares:

According to Dean:

“The way I see it, about half the population isn’t sure whether he [Trump] is he is insane or a totally angry man — they don’t know what he’s doing.

“About 40 percent seem to be happy with him and approve of his job. And another 10 percent are confused maybe about what is going on or don’t care.

“It’s very strange over here now, and we’ve never had a president like this.

“And that’s why I have nightmares.”

Dean, described by the FBI as a “master manipulator,” according to The Independent, served under disgraced president Richard M. Nixon in the 1970s. Dean told Sky News host that he believes Trump has “attention deficit disorder.”

Trump recently walked out of a ceremony for the signing of executive orders without signing any of them, flustered after reporters asked him about the scandal involving former national security adviser, Gen. Michael Flynn. Trump left Vice President Mike Pence scrambling to gather up the up papers and follow him to for his signature in private.

Dean told Sky News host Sophy Bridge:

“I see it as unfolding disaster at this point. I’m kind of happy every morning when I wake up to see he hasn’t blown up some part of the world.”


Dean told The Atlantic earlier this year that Trump gives him nightmares, saying:

“The American presidency has never been at the whims of an authoritarian personality like Donald Trump. He is going to test our democracy as it has never been tested.”

Dean pled guilty to one felony during the Watergate investigation in exchange for his testimony during prosecution of the Nixon administration. Now an author and columnist, Dean is an outspoken critic of Donald Trump. When one of the slickest lawyers is a veteran of one of the nation’s most corrupt administrations criticizes the new White House resident, it only highlights how much of a disaster Trump will become.

Dean recently warned on his Twitter feed:

“It’ll take 2 yrs for Trump/staff to learn how POTUS ofc works. That’s why GOP control of D.C. must end to check/stop Trump. Worst to come.”

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