I Know What You Did On Twitter – Ted Cruz Edition


Since their start, the Republican party has branded themselves as the party that loves the Lord more than any other in the history of the entire world. Despite their fornication, adulterous, and other lewd sexual scandals, the GOP would love for people to believe that each member is a messenger of Jesus, sent to send His divine message of conservatism, hate, exclusion and judgment.

Jesus probably wasn’t a Republican, though.

Unfortunately, among the many things missing from Republicans’ attempts to present a perfectly pristine facade of all things Christ-like, is their ability to behave Christ-like. Donald Trump’s enabling of racism, white supremacists groups’ endorsements of, and allegiance to Republicans, and other generally hateful and hypocritical acts aside, Republicans just seem to have permanent spots on the list of dumbest perverts, sex addicts, and all things the Bible teaches/preaches against.

For example, since it’s pretty much known that everything on social media can be tracked and/or otherwise revealed and shared, it’s probably not a good for a Bible throwing, ultra conservative, married, proud father of two, to be liking sexual posts on Twitter. Ted Cruz missed that memo.

Cruz liked the tweet below and one savvy social media user cold busted him:

Naturally, other social media users got a kick our of roasting Cruz’s hypocrisy:

As for an excuse, Cruz may give for his Twitter porning:

For anyone who will say the screenshot is false, there is also video proof:

Naturally, Cruz has not responded to any of the inquiries regarding what led him to like such a sexually charged tweet.

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Featured Image screen capture via YouTube.

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