Idiot Brigade Conspiracists Believe Orlando Victim Is ‘Crisis Actor’


The survivors of the Pulse Orlando nightclub mass shooting have a long road to recovery ahead of them – physical injuries, PTSD, survivor guilt, etc. And of course, they now have to deal with the crisis actor conspiracy dumbfucks that are coming out of their compound basements to point fingers at the government, Obama, and all things that make actual sense.

The image of a woman crying as she’s being wheeled away by doctors has become an iconic image – showing the agony the survivors have to deal with. However, Patience Carter, the woman in the photo, is now having to refute claims that she was a “crisis actor” for the Fox 29 station.

Carter, who is also an intern for Fox 29, posted on Instagram a thank you to the conspiracists:

“It’s your outrageous insensitivity that makes me want to heal even faster and grow even stronger.”

Crisis actor claims being made in Orlando shooting.

The claims that Carter was a crisis actor in a staged shooting originated from the conspiracy nut soapbox – Youtube. The video has since been removed by the user. However, Snopes has an excerpt from the video:

“There she is. On Fox Fucking news. On Fox Fucking news. There she is. Once again, the fucking bullshit they are shoving down people’s throats. We need to arrest all these people. This has gone way too far. They have pulled this out too many times. There has to be change. There’s no way they can use this event. This is faked. This is staged. They are using actors. There is no doubt about it. This is 100% bullshit.”

So, you think, “They have pulled this out too many times“? Your daddy should have pulled out. Just saying.

Supporters of the video and the false flag conspiracy theory took to social media to prove she was a hired actor. Facebook user Darius Williams posted this photo:

Photo providing crisis actor faked.

I included a link to his Facebook profile. I strongly suggest we all go to his Facebook page and laugh mightily. According to Snopes, the time stamp on the image is manipulated (it looks manipulated). Furthermore, the photo used to “prove” she was a crisis actor was actually tweeted at 9:13 PM.

The simplest way to define a false flag event is it is an event that the government carries out in order to deceive the public and convince them some other entity did it. In this case, conspiracists claim the government orchestrated the Orlando shooting to blame it on ISIS and further the liberal agenda. Other false flag and crisis actor conspiracies include 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon, Aurora, Colorado theater shooting,

I’ve found the best way to deal with these idiots is not engaging them; however, I can understand fully the difficulty in that as they can provide so much entertainment.


In all seriousness, though, there is something vile and repugnant about someone accusing victims of being actors. They’re not actors. They’re victims. And these conspiracy theorists are complete assholes who suffer from dumbfuckalitis, and the only cure for that is being dick-wapped in the face.

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