If Elections Were Held Today, Hillary Would Beat Trump By A HUGE Margin


If elections were held today, Hillary Clinton would become President with 91.6% of votes in her favor.

It is what Nate Silver and his team of statisticians have reported in their “Now-cast” forecast on Sunday.

And the other polls from Silver do not look much better for Trump. In the “polls-only” forecast, Hillary would win with 83.1% majority, while according to the “Poll-plus” data (data which consider also historical and economic information), she would get 76% of the votes.

And Nate Silver is not the only one who indicates a clear margin in favor of Hillary Clinton. On Sunday, The New Yorker too reported Donald Trump losing in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Virginia and Colorado.

And The Wall Street Journal echoes the same outlook of a strong Clinton’s lead. Their polls show Hillary Clinton with a 7 point advantage on Trump among white college educated voters. Detroit News identified a similar pattern when surveying the western part of the State and registered a +15 for Hillary.

CNBC registered that if the elections would have taken place after Trump’s attacks against the Khan family, Hillary would have won with a higher margin than President Obama had over Mitt Romney 4 years ago.

After Trump’s latest gaffes on Thursday, as noted by The Financial Review, Hillary reached a national +15%.
In fact, Trump has been the best ally for Democrats in the last weeks. He continued alienating his party with his unpredictable behavior and his lies. He announced he saw an American plane carrying money to Iran, then he denied it. President Obama called him “unfit” for office; he kicked a baby out of a rally. He refused to endorse Paul Ryan and John McCain for their re-election and only later on granted them his support. Today, also G.W. Bush has declared that he would endorse Hillary as President.

And in the meantime, rumors about the Republican Party pressing him to resign are getting more and more insistent.

As reported by British newspaper The Week, GOP members are also preparing a B-plan should Trump lose it and meltdown before the race is over. They have concerns about his temperament, behavior, and overall mental health. The G.O.P Super PACS are trying to come up with a way to maintain a significant presence in the Senate and in the House, in the case of Hillary’s triumph. Congressman Coffman and Senator Kirk have paid for TV ads distancing themselves from Trump.

Trump is not willing to step-down and he made it clear on Twitter where he shared his view (delusion?) over the internal situation of the Republican Party

If Trumps continue in this way, and there are no indications he has learned anything in these months, as ABC Online stated,

The US election is Clinton’s to lose.

Featured image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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