Images: Armed Gun Activists Stalk Protesters At Anti-Gun Violence Event


There are 103 events held today across the country in 44 states including Hawaii and Alaska to protest against gun violence. The event’s Facebook page reads that this rally is,”To commemorate the third anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook School.”

So naturally, Open Carry activists are there, too, fully armed proving that guns are totally not scary:(
















Moms Demand Action members and gun violence survivors attended to “stand in solidarity against the gun violence that is endangering our families and ravaging our communities,” and the gun rights activists are having none of that freedom of speech stuff.

Chris Kenning of the Louisville Courier-Journal is tweeting out images and a friend is sending me images of this spectacle.

This guy is everywhere and really wants you to see his firearm. Why are Eunuchs always so angry?



















There’s nothing like passing by a protest against gun violence and seeing this guy standing on the side of the road – to make your point for you.




















And right across from the event are these three alleged humans. How would you feel about this guy standing in front of your home?



















So what are gun rights activists afraid of? These unarmed people, that’s who.












I was just told that someone on the scene called the Louisville police to report the armed man following them with a pistol strapped to his hip while carrying an assault rifle. The dispatcher insisted he was not breaking any laws and would not send anyone out. She then insisted on taking to a supervisor who finally agreed to send police.

He has the right to be an arsehole, but not to stalk innocent people – some of which are gun violence survivors.

This isn’t the first time Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America members have been harassed by gun rights activists.

This is what the National Rifle Association has done to our country. Extremists are using their Second Amendment rights to terrorize those who are using their First Amendment rights. America suffered its 355th mass shooting this year and we still can’t have a reasonable discussion about gun safety because fear sells and the NRA is peddling it.

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