Images: At Least 500 Weapons Found In Each Room Of Florida Woman’s Home


Florida resident Nickole Dykema, 47, was just ‘well regulating’ herself when officers with warrants out for her arrest found at least 500 weapons in each room of her home just before 10:00 p.m. Tuesday.




















Deputies along with probation and parole officers, went to arrest Dykema at her mobile home.

When officers saw her looking at them out of a broken window, she was given multiple commands to come outside, according to WKRN.

Dykema allegedly responded to officers with obscenities and demanded they “leave her property.”

Officers forced entry into her home after she refused to exit, where Dykema utilized a large machete-type weapon and attempted to stab an officer, missing the cop’s head by inches.

WKRN reports:

Dykema disappeared to a corner of the mobile home, hiding under a blanket. Deputies say she had a long, shiny sword waving around behind the blanket.

A Crisis Response Team was called in, and during negotiations with Dykema, she reportedly fled into another room that contained approximately 500 bladed weapons.

Deputies say that many rooms in her home contained at least that many weapons.

Dykema advanced toward the officers while arming herself with a number of bladed weapons.

Police eventually deployed a taser after she refused to drop the weapons, and after failed attempts to use a less-than-lethal shotgun.

Bizarre photos of the home show fake dead people displayed in her home, possibly using mannequin parts.




















We have no idea what this is.

















The officers walked into this gruesome looking scene, too.





















Sheriff Al Nienhuis said, “This person was obviously dangerous to the community. It amazes me that these deputies were able to take her into custody without anyone being injured. It shows the level of their restraint and professionalism under very difficult and dangerous conditions.”

Had something gone wrong, it would be easy for critics to accuse them of moving too quickly or too slowly,” he continued to say. “I appreciate their willingness to deal with these very volatile situations. I know the public appreciates them as well.”

Dykema was charged with several counts of probation violation, property damage/criminal mischief, resisting  an officer without violence and assault on an officer.

Her previous arrests include resisting an officer without violence, carrying a concealed weapon and providing a false name to law enforcement.

3,500 knives were found. We do not know if any firearms were recovered.

There was no mention of a husband so guys, this is your chance.

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Images: Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.

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