Images: Biker Arrested Following Waco Bloodbath Lobbied At Texas Capitol For Looser Gun Laws


Open Carry advocates and bikers packed the State Capitol grounds in January in hopes of pushing for more lax gun laws. Among those bikers was Mike Lynch, who was also one of the culprits in the Waco bloodbath.




















Mike is one of the 172 bikers who were arrested after the carnage in Waco, leaving 9 dead and at least 18 injured.

In January, at least 2,000 bikers made their way to the State Capitol for a day of lobbying. Gun rights was at the top of their list of priorities, Fox 8 reported.

“They’re going to try to take our guns because some looney toon killed a bunch of people,” one biker said in January.

I can’t fit anymore irony in one sentence than that.

Lynch wrote on Facebook, “What a great day!” above a post referencing their attendance at the Texas Capitol.




















My San Antonio filed an open records request which netted 32 mugshots in connection with the shooting. Of those mugshots, at least one of them participated in lobbying for looser gun laws; Mike Lynch is allegedly complicit in the violence that took place yesterday.

Mike’s wife Sandra was also among those arrested yesterday in connection with the Twin Peaks shootings.



















State Rep. Jonathan Stickland (R) authored constitutional carry House Bill 195, and vowed to amend any open carry bill requiring a license that comes before the Texas House of Representatives. A last minute addition was made to the bill making it illegal for a police officer to request to see a gun owner’s license. You know, people like Mike Lynch.

Hey Mike, they took your guns now, HUH?

At the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents website, it reads, “News for biker’s rights and freedom on and off the road!”

The site has these days marked on their calendar:










C.J. Grisham, Open Carry Texas’ leader, was lobbying at the Texas Capitol that day, too.

Terrence Hackett, a member of Open Carry Texas commented on our post earlier because I had the audacity to call OCT’s leader mean names.

How do you not laugh at the autor of complete dung like this? I am a member of OCT, Like CJ a retired combat veteran. Yes, we would pee ourselves. I wonder what the authors background is? Since he or she is to much of a coward to attach a name to this liberal clap trap I think the answer is obvious.

[sic, sic, etc]

Well Terrence, my name is Conover Kennard. I don’t use Farndon anymore, Mr. Nosy Pants. As for my ‘background,’ I’ve been pretty upfront about that. I wonder what his ‘background’ is.

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Images: My pal affiliated with Parents Against Gun Violence. You can find them on Twitter here.

Big thanks to my buddy CoCo for contributing to this post. A big shout out to WonderMom (@vivigold197) for her help with this post, too.

Mugshots: My San Antonio.

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