Images: Open Carry Activist Attends Town Hall Meeting Over Gun Store Next To Elementary School


A packed house of concerned parents and gun store supporters in McLean, Virginia, gathered at a town hall meeting over the presence of a gun store located next door to Franklin Sherman elementary school. During the meeting, an Open Carry supporter showed up with a long gun/rifle strapped to his back.


















Pictures were posted by Twitter user @CSGV.

Another gun rights activist drove this vehicle featuring anti-abortion images and an image of a shooter to the town hall meeting.

This man is wearing a ‘guns save lives’ sticker, so that must mean that guns do kill people.

Before the meeting, threats were issued online from gun rights supporters which got so bad that parents felt the need to pull their kids out of school.

WUSA reports that the woman who organized the protest says she’s being attacked on Fairfax Underground, an online message board for residents in the area.

“They made threats against her family, they’ve printed her address and they’re saying really incredibly horrible things,” Delegate Kathleen Murphy (D-34) said.

Protests have ensued since the store’s opening in September due to its  presence just a few hundred feet from the back of the school.

NOVA Firearms is perfectly legal, according to WUSA.

“It is very hard to find a gun friendly landlord, enough space that we can afford, enough space that we can actually grow, and be zoned for retail firearms,” James Gates, the owner said. “It’s very difficult.”

During the meeting, parents brought up concerns that the store’s presence would make it difficult for the staff at the school to differentiate between dangerous people approaching the school and gun buyers carrying their firearms openly to and from the store – you know, like that feller in the picture above who could be anybody.

Fairfax County School Board Member Janie Strauss said it would be hard to distinguish between someone who is legally open carrying a gun on the store’s property from a threat.

“Prior to the gun store being there if you saw someone with a gun you’d be able to assess that threat much easier,” said Matt Lampy, the father of a fourth grader. “They can have a gun store elsewhere in McLean, I just don’t think it should be at the back door of a school.”

In the end, the McLean Citizens Association voted unanimously to study for a month the presence of a gun store next door to the elementary school.

Hey, I have an idea. If you’re really a ‘good guy with a gun,’ then don’t bring weapons around an elementary school just to make a political point. Just let little kids feel safe in their classrooms. Geez.

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