IMAGES: Racists Planned A HUGE Protest Against Beyoncé And No One Showed Up


Beyonce’s performance during the halftime show at Super Bowl 50 didn’t go over well with racists, because feelings. So these intellectual giants planned a ‘boycott rally’ to really show Beyonce’ a thing or two.

Just to say we told you so: We predicted that their boycott wouldn’t go over well. We don’t want to rub it in but, ha ha we called it!

Beyoncé, along with her dancers, performed her new song “Formation,” which some on the right deemed it to be anti-police, when in fact, it was an anti-shooting unarmed people type of message. So “Proud of the Blues” organized a YUGE rally to “tell the NFL we don’t want hate speech & racism at the Superbowl ever again!”

Well they sure showed Beyonce’ a thing  or two when no one showed up for the protest which was scheduled for today, Business Insider reports.

Just look at ’em all:

Some people did show up, but in support of Queen Bey.

We knew this would not work out in their favor because most of the people promoting the protest on Twitter are racist assholes, many of which I’ve run into before and if grammar is challenging for them then organizing a protest might end up in no one showing up. Like right now, for example.

So because it pissed so many people off, we’re going to share her ‘Formation’ video.

Beyoncé – Formation (Dirty) from Michael Wells on Vimeo.

Beyonce’ expressing her right to free speech really messed with their heads. SAD. The singer also had the audacity to utter the word ‘negro’ in the song, and we suspect we know why that upset so many Conservatives. They wanted to use another word. We saw that on Twitter, too.

So many hurt feelings out there, so little time. Try to get a grip, y’all. A halftime show shouldn’t prompt such anger. It’ll be OK. Really, you’ll be fine.

Image: Twitter.

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