Images: Woman Fired For Racist Twitter Rant After The Church Massacre


After a woman tweeted out racially charged comments following the Charleston, South Carolina massacre, a movie theater chain fired her.
















Hyley DiBona’s Twitter account was either suspended or removed by her.














“Don’t complain about being a minority and saying whites are the problem when your ancestors chose to come here knowing they would be a minority,” she tweeted.

Twitter users took issue with her rants and found that she worked for Regal Movies.




















The company must not have seen the Tweets, because this happened before she was fired. Text                                                                


















Unless it was a ‘fake’ text that she circulated.


Sometime later, this happened.
















The company then thanked Twitter users for bringing the awful woman’s tweets to its attention.

DiBona must think blacks booked a luxury cruise in order to travel to this country so that they could taste a bit of American freedom, then begged the white man to enslave and chain them, rape their wives and daughters, then beat the holy fuck out of them.

Who wants to give her a DNA test? She looks like she might have a little black in her.

Twitter user @MsShawnaCamilla had the last laugh.

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