Imagine If Muslims Surrounded A Christian Church In The US With Assault Rifles During Prayer Time

Anti-Muslim protestor

Imagine for a moment if the following aggressive behavior happened outside of a Christian Church. Substitute the words “Christian” with “Muslim.”

Anti-Muslim protestor
A totally not scary looking Anti-Muslim protestor


















Outside of a Phoenix mosque on Friday to interrupt prayer time, protesters gathered wearing “Fuck Islam” t-shirts gathered. The group’s organizer urged protesters to carry guns, and many of them did. Some waved flags while demeaning women of the Muslim faith.

It looked like a Tea Party rally on steroids.

A fabulous looking anti-Muslim protestor
A fabulous looking anti-Muslim protestor













The number of counter-protesters closely matched the number of protesters.

It turned into a Freedom of speech vs. freedom of religion event.

Businesses had to close down because they saw that trouble was brewing. A group of bikers was supposed to meet a nearby Denny’s before joining the protest, so the restaurant closed down.

On one side, were the flag-waving, self-deemed patriots, yelling out hateful messages to those of a different faith. On the other side of the street, stood protesters with signs reading, “Love One Another.”

A biker version of Santa and the organizer of the hate rally
A biker version of Santa and the organizer of the hate rally













Police officers stood in the middle of the two sides. There were no tanks, no beat-downs, no tasers, no one was shot, but the scene was ugly. It was vile. I watched as much of it as I could stomach via the live feed.











The event also advertised a contest to “draw Mohammed,” an act offensive to many Muslims, but the contest was quickly forgotten, and instead, hateful rants ensued.

“This is proof tyranny is in America,” said organizer Jon Ritzheimer, adding that he’s received threats.

“I’m having to sell my house. My family is going into hiding,” an armed Ritzheimer, flanked by burly men wearing “F— Islam!” T-shirts, told reporters at the rally, according to the Daily News. “They’re calling for lone wolves to behead me. That’s terrorism right here in America.”

We look forward to his inevitable GoFundMe page.

Image: @RedNationRising
Image: @RedNationRising




















One man used a bullhorn to basically say that Muslims are pedophiles and rapists. He insulted Muslim women, saying they are so dumb they can’t even drive a car.

He added that they cover themselves because they are ugly and hairy. He repeated right wing talking points saying that anyone of the Muslim faith is a terrorist and murderer.

The irony: Many of the protesters covered their faces.

ComgenKDT watched the livestream and told me, “In the same fucking breath, he said the Muslim religion is disrespectful and intolerant of others. They should convert to Christianity for love and compassion of others.”

That was this sad looking Little Feller:
















Arizona is an open carry state so  many of the protesters showed up wearing fatigues and armed with assault rifles.

Image: Twitter
Image: Twitter














The event’s Facebook page reads, “People are also encouraged to utilize there [sic] second amendment right at this event just incase [sic] our first amendment comes under the much anticipated attack.”

They wanted trouble, but they were the trouble.

  One bald man began yelling that this is a white christian only nation.

The question I would like to pose to the organizer is this: If Muslims showed up to surround a Christian church during prayer time, armed to the teeth, wearing “Fuck Jesus” t-shirts, while yelling out demeaning remarks, what would you think of them?

You’d think Christians were being persecuted, huh?

You are the “tyranny” in America. They are the ISIS version of American religion.

What a fine example of patriotism.

As for me, I say fuck all organized religion. There’s too much hatred there.

Big thanks to @ComgenKDT for contributing to this story and for the screen grabs.

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