In Just Three Sentences Bernie Sanders SHREDS Trump Over Birther Conspiracy (TWEETS)


It’s pretty easy to take jabs at conspiracy theorist Donald Trump today after he boldly took credit on Thursday for proving that President Obama is not from Kenya – something we all already knew. For years, Donald insisted that Obama is actually from Kenya. A Muslim is in the White House. Scary!

On Friday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) weighed in saying that he was never asked about his birth certificate during the Democratic primaries.

Sanders explained on Twitter that his father was from Poland. Barack Obama’s father was from Kenya. Sanders said it’s odd he never faced questions about his citizenship.

“My dad was born in Poland. Do you know how many people ever asked me whether or not I was born in America? Nobody ever asked me that,” Sanders tweeted. In the next tweet, he added, “Maybe it has something to do with the color of my skin.”

Sanders brings up a good point. Conservatives were losing their shit over after Obama was elected. How could a black man legitimately hold the highest office in the land?

The attacks moved on after Obama released his long-form birth certificate. With the help of Donald Trump, the focus then shifted to calling for the release of Obama’s college application records and transcripts, along with his passport application. Because Donald didn’t believe a black man could possibly have done well in an Ivy League school. Or perhaps, he didn’t believe Obama attended. Either way, yeah, it’s a racist concept.

In 2011, at the White House Correspondents Dinner, with Donald Trump sitting in the audience, President Barack Obama took a few jabs at the birther conspiracy by releasing his ‘birth video.’

That had to really hurt poor Donald’s feelings. President Obama took aim at Fox News, too. Barack Obama went on in 2012 to handily defeat Mitt Romney. Imagine that. And in November, Donald will be defeated by a woman. Even after he created conspiracy theories about her, too.

And just for giggles, we’ll leave this right here.

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