In One Month, Trump Has Spent More On Travel Than Obama Did In A Year (VIDEO)


Travel expenses for Trump and his sons total $11.3 million in one month, almost as much as Obama spent in a year, according to the Independent. Watch:

The bulk of the money has gone to Trump’s travel to Mar-a-Lago, his exclusive resort in Palm Beach which he has referred to as the “Winter White House” and most recently the “Southern White House” as in a recent tweet:

The speech he refers to is yet another rally held earlier this evening to give him the ignorant and irresponsible adoration that he craves. Trump is still doing victory laps while boasting about his election win, despite his historically low approval rating.

Not only are millions of dollars going to operate Air Force One and provide security for Trump himself, but his two sons also racked up expenses for which the American tax payer is on the hook. For example, the hotel bill for Secret Service agents guarding Eric Trump on a visit to Uruguay was nearly $90,000. The reason for the trip: to promote a Trump-branded condo tower.

During his eight years in office, Obama’s travel expenses averaged $12.1 million a YEAR. At this rate, Trump is on target to rack up $140 million a year, a staggering 1,157% more.

As if this weren’t bad enough, Trump’s past tweets show his true hypocritical stripes:

Everyone knows about Trump’s promise to make Mexico pay for his Wall of Babel. At his rally today, he also vowed to make the Arab oil states to pay for safe zones to keep would-be refugees in their own war-torn countries. Watch:

Who’s willing to chip in for a safe-zone on the South Lawn of the (Northern) White House to keep the Traveler-in-Chief at home for awhile?

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