Iowa Republican Party Chair ‘Disgusted’ By Man Displaying Confederate Flag In Parade


Iowa was not a Confederate state and it’s not in the South but Owen Golay took it upon himself to display Confederate Flags on his truck that pulled the Marion County Republican Party float in the Fourth of July parade. Even the chair of the Iowa Republican Party is ‘disgusted’ by his actions.













Golay proudly displays Confederate flags outside his Pleasantville home, but he took it a step further during the parade.

“This is a matter of standing up for what you believe in. Standing up for a part of history. This is not hate. This is not racism,” Golay said.

KCCI reports, “Golay said the flag to him represents American veterans and free speech, but the Republican Party of Iowa passionately disagrees.”

“I’m embarrassed. I’m disgusted. I shake my head, and I am absolutely more resolved than I have ever been that I will not tolerate this,” said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann.














Kaufmann went on to say that the Confederate flag has no place in Iowa.

“We can’t allow idiocy, and extremes and philosophies that are so far out of the mainstream they are laughable,” Kaufmann said.

Golay said, “I won’t be a slave to the Republican Party either. They are not going to control what I say. They are not going control what I think. They are not going to control my freedom of speech.”

Golay said that the Confederate Flag has nothing to do with the, Charleston, South Carolina, church massacre in which a white supremacist, who was enamored with the flag, slaughtered nine African-Americans attending Bible study.

“That Confederate flag is no more responsible for those people’s deaths than forks are for fat people,” Golay said.

The Republican Party of Iowa said it will condemn anyone who displays the Confederate flag.

“If they don’t like that the GOP is the party of Lincoln, then they can leave the  party,” Kaufmann said.

According to WCCI, Golay and his wife have resigned from the Marion County Republican Party central committee. An official at the Marion County Republican Party said she did  allow the Confederate flags on the float because of freedom of speech, but in retrospect she said she would have done things differently.

There’s a video at WCCI, and also, some of the comments are adorable. The fact is, if a Confederate flag waving truck is pulling the Republican Party float then it suggests they are endorsing the flag. It’s admirable that Kaufmann called out extremists.

That didn’t happen in 2010 when the Tea Party took control of the House.

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