IT IS ON: Michigan Board Approves Petition Seeking To Recall Gov Rick Snyder


Gov. Rick Snyder is garnering outrage from the public with some calling for his resignation. The Republican Governor has faced problems in the past, but after the water crisis he created in the diverse town of Flint, this one may be more difficult to overcome. Elevated lead levels in the water were detected in 2014, and the lackluster response from Gov. Rick Snyder is garnering outrage from the public with some calling for his resignation.

And now the wording in a petition to recall Snyder was unanimously approved by Michigan’s Board of State Canvassers and yet, it doesn’t even mention the crisis in Flint. More than 100 citizens attended the meeting who were angry over the Flint water crisis, according to M Live.

Slate reports:

Caveat: While the governor has been in national headlines because of the Flint lead-poisoning crisis and specifically because of decisions made by emergency managers he appointed to run that city, the petition that was approved on Monday actually cites an executive action Snyder took regarding the emergency state takeover of certain schools.
The petition’s backer now has 60 days to collect 790,000 signatures; if he’s successful, a measure to recall Snyder would appear on Michigan’s ballot in November. The Board of Canvassers has rejected a number of Flint-related petitions on the grounds that they were not specific enough about why Snyder should be recalled from office.

We can’t imagine what was problematic about the petitions regarding Snyder’s actions and inaction with Flint’s water supply being poisoned. Naturally, the Michigan GOP blamed Obama for Snyder’s incompetence.

The Detroit News reports that in one instance, the board deadlocked in a 2-2 vote, with both Democrats supporting Flint recall language and both GOP members opposing it. So you can see, Republicans are fine with Snyder’s role in the poisoning of a diverse city, some of which likely resulted in residents dying.

The petition was submitted by Benjamin Lazarus, a member of the Warren Consolidated Schools Board of Education and although he did not attend the hearing, he told The Detroit News he believes the governor “has a toxic disdain for the rights of local government.”

Five other Flint-related recall petitions were rejected by the board based on technical grounds, including spelling errors, incomplete sentences and quotes that combined multiple statements by Snyder.

“I think the board followed the historical precedent that’s been set in the past,” said attorney John Pirich, who represented the governor at the hearing. “If the language is correct, accurate and factual, as it was with the first petition, it’s certified. If it’s not, if it had errors or mistakes, they shouldn’t certify it.

Snyder has declined an invitation to testify before a committee of congressional Democrats this week about the lead contamination of drinking water in Flint.

“He declined to testify on Wednesday, as he will be presenting his fiscal year 2017 budget recommendation in Lansing,” spokeswoman Anna Heaton said.

And the reason Flint’s water supply was changed was to save money. Isn’t that rich? He’s going to present his budget recommendations instead of testifying.

As for Republicans, the Michigan Senate is pushing through a bill that bans anal sex, instead of addressing the potential poisoning of up to 8,000 children.

Image: Michigan Municipal League via Flickr.

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