It Rhymes With ‘B*tch Stunt’ And It’s Donald Trump’s New Favorite Phrase (TWEETS)


Who is the Trump Whisperer?

Who told Donald to go to war with his own justice department? He deserves a thank you note because this is getting good. Really good.

Trump woke up first thing this morning to tell millions of his Twitter bots, err, supporters that he is the target of a witch hunt. Plain and simple.

The man who told you to fire him? Um, no, but nice try, Donald. The facts are out there. No, not alternative facts, real ones. The fact is that you had a meeting with your people and you told them you were considering firing former FBI Director James Comey. Fact is, you then asked for a recommendation letter to do so. And the fact is that you later went on television and told NBC’s Lester Holt that you were going to fire Comey regardless of anyone’s recommendation. Plain and simple.

But with Trump everything is a “witch hunt.”

He’s been using the Nixonian phrase to complain that everyone’s out to get him for more than a year. First it was the media. Now it’s the FBI’s turn.

So you see, Trump has complained about a witch hunt in tons of past tweets. But according to a site that tracks his language, the phrase has a long way to go to catch up to words Trump uses even more frequently. “Nice” clocks in at 472 times, “sad” at 218, “weak” comes up 115 times, “loser” 112… But for all his “dumb” (110) tweets, he’s never looked more like a “dummy” (77) than since he started using the “nasty” (39) phrase “Witch Hunt.”

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