It’s More Scary Than Merry In The Trump White House, And The Internet Celebrated It


Leave it to the Trumps to turn everything on its head, even Christmas.

This time it’s First Lady Melania Trump, who was put in charge of the White House Christmas decorations that were unveiled on Monday, including one particular menacing chamber that looks like it stepped right out of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining.” Or Stephen King’s “It.” I was waiting for that creepy clown to pop his face out from behind those ghoulish twig-lined walls.

Melania’s press secretary Stephanie Grisham captured the First Lady’s soulless purview of holiday enchantment.

Of course, social media got in on the act and had a field day mocking the First Lady’s eerie vision which is nothing like the vision of sugarplums dancing in their heads.

The New Yorker‘s Jia Tolentino even compared Christmas Melania Trump to a fairy tale character. No, not Snow White; the Wicked Queen.

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