It’s Never Too Soon For Republicans To Profit From A Tragedy (VIDEO)

Patrick Neville

While the rest of America was horrified by the shooting attack on Republican members of Congress at their baseball practice yesterday, Republican Rep. Patrick Neville, the Colorado House minority leader, saw an opportunity to raise money.

Just hours after Rep. Steve Scalise was badly wounded yesterday, Neville sent out a fundraising email which asked recipients to “please show us that you’re not backing down by chipping-in $50 or $25 to Colorado Liberty PAC today.”

Daily Beast contributor Dave Maney reacted with disgust.

Neville’s email blames “hate-inspired violent rhetoric against conservatives and Republicans” for the actions of James T. Hodgkinson, a 66-year old Illinois native and supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders’s 2016 presidential bid.

“I lay the blame squarely at the feet of “tolerance-preaching progressives” and their accomplices in the media who allowed violent rhetoric to get so out of control,” Neville wrote. “I’m talking about so-called ‘journalists’ like Kathy Griffin and other hollywood-elites who incentivize violence against Republicans by staging beheadings and celebrate fictitious assassinations as ‘artistic expression.'”

It is not clear why Neville thinks that comedienne Kathy Griffin is a “journalist,” but Neville was clearly referring to the recent brouhaha over a production of William Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar in which the titular character is played by a Donald Trump lookalike when he complained about “artistic expression.”

By contrast, nobody complained about a similar production of the play in 2012 that featured an Obama lookalike. And while Hodgkinson’s actions are reprehensible, they follow months of months of hate crimes and murders committed by white supremacists and fans of Donald Trump.

“Your contribution today will help us advance our conservative values through passionate and peaceful civil discourse that makes our country great,” Neville wrote. One can only assume that he must reject the campaign trail rhetoric of a Republican president who encourages rally-goers to beat protesters and exalted “2nd Amendment people” as the answer to a potential Hillary Clinton presidency.

In a statement to KUSA 9News, Mr. Neville excused his ghoulish fundraising because “I wouldn’t consider it a pure fundraising email.”

The main purpose was to encourage people not to be silenced by fear. This issue is a difficult one for me. As a former Columbine student I have experienced a mass shooting and lost friends. I also saw political terrorist acts, like this one, used in Iraq as a way to silence the citizens of that country. I never want to see that here in America. I think it is important to stand up against them immediately.

Of course, Neville has never written a similar email after, say, the shooting of Gabby Giffords, or Dylann Roof’s rampage at a black AME church, or even Robert Dear’s massacre at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. But he’s seen mass shootings before, so it’s okay if he begs for contributions after someone targets his “team.” See how that works?

Here is the local news broadcast. Watch:

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