Jeb Bush Speaks For Billionaire Dan Snyder, Not Native Americans


In an interview set to air today, Presidential hopeful and co-conspirator in the 2000 (s)election of his brother in Florida, Jeb Bush states that he doesn’t think the R*dskins should change their name. He goes on to say that:

“Native American tribes generally don’t find it offensive.”

Jeb Bush tossing a pigskin amid controversy over Washington Redskins team name

I’m not sure who told Jeb he could speak for Natives, but he should think twice before talking for other people. After all, the future is now, and no one is voiceless anymore on these here Interwebs.

Had he spoken with a Native person, he probably would have realized rather quickly that he could not have been more wrong about this issue. According to, the pressure the Washington professional football team has been facing to stop offending people with their name has been part of a long process that has been gaining steam since 1968.

The name is something that a large contingency of the Native American population feel is dehumanizing, as is so thoroughly and clearly shared in this piece by David McGrath.

This author personally thinks that if a group of people are willing to organize and take an issue to the courts because they feel strongly about it then their feelings are likely valid, without having to get into the specifics. I will give them that respect…NOT to be politically correct mind you, but to be respectful. It’s not hard to do with a little practice. However, I realize that others need specifics and they need their “Why?” answered, an easy task to do in this instance.

Excerpt from The Daily Republican newspaper in Winona, Minnesota


A quick spin through Google will get one knee deep into historical documentation showing that the word ‘R*d-Skin’ is used in advertisements run in newspapers offering State government money for Native scalps. This practice was widespread and an integral part of Manifest Destiny and was paid for by the government. So if we as a society want to pretend genocide didn’t happen or sweep it under the rug, then at the very least we shouldn’t rub this ugly reality in Native peoples’ faces 16 Sundays a year. It would be more if the team were any good, but Dan Snyder can’t run a football team either and they never make it into the playoffs these days anyways.

Instead of putting time and money into his poor football team, Dan Snyder did shower Jeb Bush with $100,000 in April, which might explain Jeb’s stance on the subject. Classy move, Jeb. These two are peas in a pod as far as making moves with dignity, class, and taste.

Listed as #327 on Forbes’ 400 richest Americans list and worth $2.1 billion as of today, Dan Snyder tried to buy the rights to the racist name of his football team by starting The Washington R*dskins Original Americans Foundation, whose website has not been updated since a month after its launch in February 2014. Unfortunately for him, he can’t even throw money at this problem. One of the largest all-Native sporting events in the country, the Indian National Finals Rodeo, rejected his money out of conscience. What’s America coming to if a rich guy can’t even buy what he wants?!

The American people are not going to go for another tone-deaf administration who blatantly caters to the billionaire class, his brother’s reign ruined it for him. There are just too many empowered groups of people who are tired of getting screwed out there these days. Now if only we can get them to show up to those in-between elections too…

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