Joe Scarborough: Trump Is ‘Like Prince’ (VIDEO)


We’re not surprised that Joe Scarborough compared Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to Prince, after all, the MSNBC host has had his head firmly planted so far up the hotel magnate’s ass he can’t think clearly.

The dialogue went down like this:

DONNY DEUTSCH: Trump voters, we all know right now, are so sticky. They’re not going anywhere.


DEUTSCH: Everybody who’s voted for Hillary, well, I guess Hillary. Number two, he can go to the left and right of Hillary and pretty much put portfolio of issues together he’s behind.

NICOLLE WALLACE: Because he doesn’t really care that much. I mean, he’s so nimble.

DEUTSCH: And to the point, to this last point —

SCARBOROUGH: And by the way. I’ll give you the last point in a second, but just on this other point where you said he’s so flexible, he’s like Prince, a shape-shifter, New York Times top left, election 2016, “Trump’s views on gay issues set him apart on the GOP.” I mean, Trump on social issues, on Planned Parenthood, when he was in the middle of the fight in South Carolina, it wasn’t like he was hiding things. And so Hillary is going to be up against a guy that not only says we’re not going to cut Social Security, I’m with you on social issues. And by the way, we’re going to kill ISIS in two weeks.

Watch courtesy of Media Matters:

The 57-year-old iconic artist passed away on Thursday at Paisley Park, his Minnesota residence. Prince led a life of activism. He’s donated money to worthy causes, but you’d never hear Prince talk about it. He did so anonymously.

Prince released the song ‘Baltimore’ in the wake of unarmed black men being gunned down. He once said, “Like books and black lives, albums still matter.”

At Trump rallies, black lives don’t matter, only white ones. Prince broke rules, but not the rules of common decency toward others. If Prince had attended a Trump rally, the GOP front-runner’s supporters would probably have beaten him down.

Trump is no Prince. He’s more like a used car salesman.

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