Judge To Alabama’s Roy Moore: Shut The F*ck Up And License Same-Sex Marriage Weddings


A federal judge in Alabama on Thursday ordered that a county probate judge must comply with her earlier ruling and cannot refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, a point which seems directed to the state’s justice of the Supreme Court, Roy S. Moore after he previously determined that ruling should be ignored.


The New York Times reports:

The decision was an effort to clarify that Judge Davis should follow Judge Granade’s earlier ruling striking down a state ban on same-sex marriage, rather than a conflicting order from the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Roy S. Moore.

While the ruling Thursday was focused only on Judge Davis, it was intended to send a signal to judges statewide who are caught between the federal ruling and the order from Chief Justice Moore.

Probate judges in 23 of Alabama’s 67 counties have been issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. Licenses were being handed out only to straight couples in 18 counties, and no marriage licenses at all are being issued in 26 counties.

What the judge is saying is, sit down and shut the fuck up Moore.

As it turns out, with same-sex couples being legally wed in Alabama, Redneck News anchor Jeremy Todd Addaway reports, “It looks like we’re pretty safe here in Blount County, and we’re not going to be subjected to any kind of plagues of homosexuals falling from the sky.”

“This pile of brush is still here, and there are no homosexuals layin’ on top of it, doin’ homosexual things,” Addaway adds.

And now you know. The world didn’t end. No apocalypse. Nothing. You heard it from “Redneck News.”

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