Judge Who Asked Rape Victim ‘Why Can’t You Keep Your Knees Together’ May Lose His Job

In 2014 Judge Robin Camp set the Internet ablaze over his vile treatment of a then 19-year-old rape victim. Now he's under review and could lose his job.

In 2014 Judge Robin Camp set the Internet ablaze over his vile treatment of a then 19-year-old rape victim. She accused Scott Wagner, of raping her over a bathroom sink at a party. Now, he’s in danger of losing his job.

So who is Judge Robin Camp? He’s a (likely) soon-to-be-former federal court justice from Alberta, Canada. And compared with this troglodyte, the Stanford Rapist‘s too-lenient judge looks almost feminist.

Judge Robin Camp kept blaming and insulting the rape victim during the trial.

During the appalling travesty of a trial, Robin Camp made insulting comments against the young rape victim. According to an 11-page complaint filed after the case, these insults included:

  • Inquiring as to “why she allowed sex to happen if she didn’t want it.”
  • Declaring, “if you were frightened you could have screamed.”
  • Referring to the rape victim as “the accused” instead of her (alleged!) assailant.
  • Assuring the victim that “sex and pain sometimes go together [which is] not necessarily a bad thing,” after she described her assault.
  • Asking, “why couldn’t you keep your knees together” or “just sink your bottom down onto the basin so he couldn’t penetrate you” to prevent the assault.

The Independent adds Judge Robin Camp originally set Scott Wagner free, but an appeals court overturned his botched ruling in 2015 and ordered a fresh trial. He was also ordered to apologize in public and take gender sensitivity training classes, both of which he did.

Judge Robin Camp to face a week-long hearing in Sept.

After much public outcry and complaints from legal experts at the University of Calgary, the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) decided to take action. Judge Robin Camp’s week-long hearing is scheduled for Sept.

The rapey judge insists he gets it now, but that likely won’t be good enough, according to The Independent.

In his public submission to the CJC, he apologized and agreed he had made insensitive and inappropriate remarks during the trial but insists he will be a better judge now that he had undergone further training and counselling with a judge, psychologist and expert on sexual assault.

A panel will decide whether Robin Camp can continue as a federal judge. For the time being, he has been suspended from hearing any cases.

Watch: Judge Robin Camp faces hearing after asking rape victim, “couldn’t you keep your knees together?”

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