Just An ‘Accident’: Toddler Finds Gun On The Floor, Shoots Idaho Man


Idaho Police were informed after a patient came in with a gunshot wound. As it happens, the shooter was a toddler (not pictured).  The 25-year-old victim, Travis Sorenson, of Idaho Falls, was shot after a 3-year-old picked up a gun which was placed on the floor and the firearm discharged. After a bullet ricocheted, it struck Sorenson in the leg, he ended up on the ground of the basement.

Sorenson is really lucky though. Toddlers are usually pretty good at head shots these days.

The East Idaho News reports:

Witnesses at the home say they were in the process of helping the family move, when a bed was broken down and a gun was found between the mattresses. The gun was placed on the floor and later picked up by a 3-year-old. The toddler discharged the weapon into the floor, the bullet ricocheted off of a window sill and struck Sorensen in the left foot. Sorensen has been treated at EIRMC for his injury.

Wait for it. The police have not filed charges and the case is considered closed.

The Rigby Police Department did remind residents to keep all guns safely secured, and locked, especially those homes with small children. However, that’s something every gun owner should already know. It’s one of the basic rules. Actually, the gun owner broke all of the rules here. A loaded weapon within easy access of a toddler. It was just laying on the floor and the child saw it, ‘Ooo shiny!’ We’re pleased the toddler didn’t stick the gun in its mouth though. Or shoot him or herself instead. At least there’s that.

More toddlers have been fatally shot than those killed by terrorists in the United States. But let’s not discuss this issue because it makes gun extremists angry, OK? We don’t want to hurt their feelings while amping up their paranoia.

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