JUST IN: Trump’s Personal Aide Kicked Out Of White House Without Even Collecting His Belongings


Donald Trump’s personal assistant John McEntee was escorted out of White House Monday reportedly over an unspecified security issue, according to the Wall Street Journal. McEntee, one of Trump’s longest-serving aides, was a constant presence at the so-called president’s side for years.

When McEntee was removed from the White House grounds on Monday afternoon, he was not allowed to collect his belongings, a White House official told the Journal. He even left without his jacket. The paper indicated that McEntee’s physical ousting may have had something to do with his background but that’s not clear. That means that this is possibly another failure to apply extreme vetting to White House staffers. It’s almost as if anyone can roam the halls of the White House: wife beaters, reality show stars, etc.

“It’s not going to be great for morale,” one White House official said about McEntee’s exit.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was also fired today and that happened just after he blasted Russia over the poisoning of an ex-spy and his daughter in the U.K. The revolving door at the White House sure has been busy. But if you ask Donald Trump, he’ll tell you there is ‘no chaos’ in his administration. Meanwhile, we’re left wondering who will be fired next. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is probably getting a bit nervous right now, don’t you think?

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