Katrina Pierson Actively Seeking Role In Trump Admin Because It’s Not Scary Enough Already


Katrina Pierson, a spokesperson for Donald Trump, is seeking a role in his administration, according to two sources with knowledge of the matter, CNN reports.

Pierson visited Trump Tower on Tuesday for meetings with members of Trump’s transition team, but we’re not sure if that was before or after Kanye West visited. For the meeting with West, it was to discuss becoming an “ambassador of sorts,” a source close to West told E! News.

So hey, why not bring Pierson into this administration, too? We remember Pierson blaming Obama for invading Afghanistan in 2001 —  years before he was president of the U.S. She also blamed Capt. Humayun Khan’s 2004 death on Obama and Hillary Clinton, his Secretary of State, which is impossible unless they are Time Lords.

And what position does she want in Trump’s administration? White House Press secretary, of course. That tidbit came from one source while another said she was “looking at a lot of opportunities.”

CNN reports:

Loyalists who were with the Trump campaign since its early days have been frustrated that they have been shut out of top posts in the new administration. Pierson, too, feels she deserves more consideration, according to one of the sources.

“I’m at Trump Tower because I work here,” Pierson said in an email to CNN. “I’m a Senior Advisor for the Trump Transition team. Our meetings are confidential.”

Pierson has been mocked a lot on social media. Like, for example, when #KatrinaPiersonHistory quickly trended on Twitter after she falsely blamed Obama and Clinton for war deaths in 2004. Math is HARD.

We hope members of  the Electoral College have been paying attention. The swamp is coming alive, Trump is surrounding himself with neocons and a moron wants to be the White House Press Secretary. But somewhere in Russia, Vladimir Putin is smiling.

Featured image via CNN screen capture. 

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