Katrina Pierson: Reporters Are ‘Literally Beating Trump Supporters Into Submission’ (VIDEO)


Playing the victim once again, Donald Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson is upset that reporters have been beating the sh*t out of the GOP presidential nominee’s supporters. That accusation is wildly inaccurate. In fact, when Donald started tweeting against the media, his supporters did his dirty work for him and journalists have been recipients of abuse at the thin-skinned candidate’s rallies.

During a Fox Business interview, Pierson said, “They are tired of seeing left-wing reporters literally beat Trump supporters into submission.”


Literally doesn’t mean what Ms. Crazy Pants thinks it means. Unless it’s Opposite Day and no one told us. Recently, at a rally for Donald, a screamy ragey arsehole got into it with reporters at a cordoned off area to scream at them while showing off his middle finger.

In late February, a Secret Service agent roughed up a TIME magazine photographer.

Donald’s supporters have been calling reporters “Losers” at this rallies.

MSNBC reporter Katy Tur has been targeted by Donald and his supporters. Tur has endured a year of insults, harassment and threats.

Trump himself paved the way to these vicious attacks by name calling, defining her a “third-rate reporter” and by belittling her professionalism by calling her “little Katy”.

After a rally for Donald in Mount Pleasant, the Secret Service had to escort Tur to her car. Tur recalled that Donald’s supporters “seemed to turn on me like a large animal, angry and unchained.”

“The wave of insults, harassment, and threats, via various social-media feeds, hasn’t stopped since. Many of the attacks are unprintable,” Katy Tur said.

But in Donald and his supporters’ minds, they are the victims. They rant against the media while refusing to acknowledge the First Amendment. They skip over that amendment to get to the Second Amendment. That’s the one where Donald will get ‘Second Amendment people’ to take care of Hillary Clinton.

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