Keith Olbermann Blasts Trump Over Insane Tweet: ‘Get Your Head Out Of Your Sh-thole’


An entire state went into panic-mode because of an emergency alert which was sent out stating that ‘this is not a drill’ and that there was a ‘ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii’ which turned out to be sent out due to human error. Meanwhile, the so-called president of the U.S. was playing golf and has yet to address this situation on Twitter, a site which he considers to be his political podium. Instead, Trump rage-tweeted about Michael Wolff’s new book ‘Fire and Fury’ and added that he ‘won the election.’ Election day was in November of 2016, but Trump is still focused on that, probably because he didn’t win the popular vote and he’s never gotten over it.

Keith Olbermann took to Twitter to tell Trump to get his “head out of” his “Shithole for five minutes.”

“Hey, President-Of-Your-Own-Ego, anybody tell you an entire state was terrorized today because of a false alarm about a missile attack made plausible to them only because of your insane irresponsibility?” he tweeted. “Can you get your head out of your Shithole for five minutes @realDonaldTrump?”

Olbermann’s tweet quickly went viral.

It’s probably for the best that Trump was playing golf. If he heard about the alert when it was sent out, he might have retaliated.

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