Kellyanne Accidentally Admits She Should Fire Herself For Saying Anything Inaccurate On Air


White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said during an appearance on Fox Business Network that after Brian Ross’s botched report for ABC about Donald Trump and former national security adviser Michael Flynn, that he wouldn’t have just been given a suspension if he worked for her. Instead, she would have fired him. Conway’s boss even suggested that people sue the network over the botched report when the stock market dropped.

“If Brian Ross worked for me,” Conway told host Stuart Varney, “it would not be four weeks of unpaid suspension for a guy making seven-figures to lie on the air. It would be complete termination.”

Conway went on to say that the report reflected a “hunger to get rid of this president and talk about Russia collusion,” then she criticized ABC News for how the story “lived for hours and hours and hours before they did any action on it.”


Pot, meet kettle.

Mediaite reports:

Meanwhile, on Fox News earlier in the day, Conway backed up the claim that Trump lawyer John Dowd drafted the President’s Saturday tweet about Flynn and the FBI, a claim that’s been received with quite a bit of skepticism. She also repeated the false report made by Fox News that rival MSNBC did not cover the Kate Steinle verdict.

Fox & Friends and Fact-Free Kellyanne are lying, by the way. MSNBC did cover the Kate Steinle verdict and Fox News was called out on social media for that. The network covered the story three specific times on Friday and again on Sunday.

Kellyanne needs to fire herself for doing what she does everytime she sucks up the airwaves on the teevee. She repeated a falsehood meant to disparage an entire network’s credibility.

As for Brian Ross, he’s been suspended for 4 weeks without pay.

And just about everything she blasted Democrats for over not backing the GOP tax bill is wrong. It’s not a tax break for the middle class. It’s a tax break for people like her and the Trumps.

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