Kellyanne Conway Lashes Out At Graduates Of Her Alma Mater After Being Called Out For Lying


Counselor to alleged president Donald Trump Kellyanne Conway has found herself in a bit of a pickle after being called out for her repeated lies. She’s no longer a constant figure in the media because they’ve had it with her. She drew a lot of heat for hawking the so-called president’s daughter’s clothing line, too. Even though she’s been caught in lies repeatedly, do not call her a liar or she’ll lash out at you. The president of her alma mater called her out for her fabrications and Conway is pissed so she attacked all of the graduates because of course.

Trinity Washington University President Patricia McGuire called Conway, “Part of a team that thinks nothing of shaping and spreading a skein of lies as a means to secure power.”

McGuire writes:

Presidential Counselor Kellyanne Conway, Trinity Class of 1989, has played a large role in facilitating the manipulation of facts and encouraging the grave injustice being perpetrated by the Trump Administration’s war on immigrants among many other issues. She is one of President Trump’s primary spokespersons, an almost daily figure on cable news shows. Some people admire her staunch advocacy for her client’s positions, and others applaud the fact that she was the first woman to manage a successful presidential campaign. But in fact, as is true of many of President Trump’s statements, her advocacy on his behalf is often at variance with the truth. Ms. Conway invented the now-infamous phrase “alternative facts” to defend Trump’s claims about the size of crowds at his inauguration, a thinly-veiled autocratic scheme to try to claim that the Trump inauguration drew the biggest crowd in history when, in fact, it was on the smaller side. Ms. Conway has been part of a team that thinks nothing of shaping and spreading a skein of lies as a means to secure power. Perhaps the “Bowling Green Massacre” comment was truly a mistake, as she claims, but she repeated that canard on three different occasions as an explanation for why the travel ban, an executive order that clearly discriminates against Muslims, was necessary.

That was too much for Conway.

“It’s a disappointment to have the president of the university lift up other Trinity graduates who have a casual relationship with the truth,” Conway told The Washington Post. She said they attacked her. She said that after saying that all of the graduates of the university have a “casual relationship with the truth.”

Conway told the Post that she and her husband once donated $50,000 to a 1999-2002 Trinity fundraising campaign. We’re not sure what that has to do with anything, though.

Conway said in December that people who criticize Trump should face ‘consequences.’ And today she’s rarely interviewed by the media the Trump administration attacks. We thought Team Trump was against political correctness. According to conservatives, it’s destroying our country. It’s a two-way street, Kellyanne. Get used to being put in check.

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