Kellyanne Gets Wrecked For Defending Her Boss Endorsing Moore By Citing Trump’s ‘Moral Standards’


It was an awkward moment when White House counselor Kellyanne Conway tried to defend Donald Trump’s endorsement of Alabama Senate candidate and alleged pedophile Roy Moore on Wednesday by citing the former reality show star’s high moral standards. Conway also tried to claim that a vote for Doug Jones, who is a gun owner, is a vote against the Second Amendment.

“The president has tremendous moral standards. He has said, the White House has said the allegations are troubling,” Conway told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day,” after the host said, “the president seems to have no moral standard at play.”

“The president has said the following: the allegations are troubling, Roy Moore has denied them, the president said they’re 40 years old,” Conway said.

“Nobody came forward before, the guy’s been on the ballot many times, Doug Jones is a liberal Democrat the president has said, and he doesn’t want a liberal Democrat representing Alabama in the United States Senate,” she continued.


“So you feel good with Roy Moore representing your party?” Cuomo asked.

“My feelings don’t matter,” Conway said.

“Oh yes they do,” Cuomo fired back. “You’re a counselor to the president of the United States. Roy Moore is a guy who talks about gay marriage being bestiality.”

Moore has been accused by multiple women of sexually harassing or assaulting them when they were teenagers and he was in his thirties. To Kellyanne Conway, it’s OK if he’s elected because tax cuts for the wealthy is a more important issue than children’s safety.

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