Kentucky Councilwoman Illegally Evicts Gay Couple: ‘Never Should Have Rented To Fa****s’


“Never should have rented to fa****s”, shouted Manchester Councilwoman Esther Thompson during an illegal eviction of her tenants, Joshua Melton and James Feltner. She also allegedly assaulted Milton, who had to seek medical attention.

Milton and his husband had rented the house 9 months before the incident. According to the law, Thompson had to give a month’s notice and file an eviction notice. But she didn’t and filed instead a one-day-notice. The day after the notice was served, the assault allegedly took place and the Councilwoman insulted the couple.

Based on what reconstructed by local news WKYT, Thomson hit Joshua Melton, who had to visit the local ER for his injuries. Also, it turned out she never filed any eviction motion, but only a reimbursement claim (one month after the incident) for $2,500 for damages.

She stated that the couple lived there with 6 dogs and that the state the house was left was “by far one of the worst I have seen.”

Melton and Feltner explained that there were only 3 dogs (Chihuahuas) and that Thompson knew about it since the beginning.


So far it could have been just an ordinary story of bad blood between a landlord and tenants if Thomson hadn’t thrown a homophobic rant into it.

By shouting that she shouldn’t have rented the house to “f****ts”, Thomson turned it into another incident of homophobia. Apparently, according to the couple, she also threatened them by saying that she “owns the police”. The role of the police is indeed still unclear. Melton and Feltner claim that police helped Thomson by participating in the eviction. On the other hand, Clay County Attorney Clay Bishop, Jr. argues that the police supported the couple in filing their allegation for assault. Thomson, who pled not guilty, is due in court on October,3.

In the meantime, the Kentucky Equality Federation is assisting the couple in the legal proceeding and took it one step further by requesting,

the termination or severe remedial action of the accused Manchester Police Officers involved…the resignation or removal of the accused City Council Member from office and an investigation into the ethical practices of the Clay County Attorney.

Sadly, it is not the first time that officials from Kentucky prove themselves to be homophobic.

Before Thomson, it was Kimberly Jean Davis to hit the headlines. As clerk of Rowan County, she refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, in violation of a US federal court order.

She spent some time in prison, and ironically, once returned to work, married (without knowing it), a trans man and his wife, because Karma.

While Karma is doing its job, the Kentucky Equality Federation continues its battle and its spokesperson Jordan Palmer said:

We won’t tolerate [discrimination] in any part of the commonwealth.

If you are wondering how Thomson reacted to the accusations and her sudden popularity, the answer is the sound of her hanging up the phone to journalists.

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