Kentucky Woman Choked With Bra Fends Off Attacker With A Chicken


A good Kentucky woman with a chicken fended off a bad woman with a bra.













31-year-old Ashley Sies barged into a home and fought the homeowner then tried to strangle her with a bra, according to police.

Sies is charged with first degree burglary.

The 61-year-old victim told Fox 2 Now how she managed to get away.

Patricia Leece has bruises and scratches on her face and her arms are scraped up from Tuesday morning’s attack.

“It happened about 12:30 the other night. Someone came to my doors, banging, screaming and hollering,” she recalled.

Leece explained that she unlocked the door because she thought it was her granddaughter.

Sies pushed her way inside, pulled out a clump of Leece’s hair and started choking her with a bra.

“We fought for a good 15, 20 minutes. So finally I saw one of my chickens on the floor so I picked it up and started bashing her in the head with it,” the victim said.

Leece knocked Sies out with the chicken then she called police.

Watch courtesy of Fox 2 Now:

According to investigators, Sies appeared to be on drugs and she thought she was being followed when she showed up at Leece’s front door.

“She was going door to door hoping someone would let her in. Of course it was me,” Leece said.

“I thought I was going to die that night.”

We’re just glad she didn’t beat the intruder with an actual chicken.

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