Kim Davis Returns To Job, Wants Name Removed From Licenses: ‘Are We Not A Tolerant State?’


Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis said in a news conference while tearing up upon her  return to her job – which she is not doing – that marriage licenses are being issued in Rowan County without her authority and she wants her name and title removed.













If she resigned, that could easily be accomplished.

The poor persecuted Christian who is denying others their right to marry said she is faced with a “seemingly impossible choice … my conscience or my freedom,” referring to her opposition to same-sex marriages.

She added, “I’m no hero.” She added that she doesn’t want to be ‘in the spotlight’ and she does not want to be a ‘whipping post.’

That’s something we can finally agree with Ms. Davis on.

Davis says that her deputies don’t have her authority to issue marriage licenses, but Rowan County Deputy Clerk Brian Mason said he will continue issuing them today.

ABC News reports:

Davis also told reporters this morning that she wants the licenses to indicate that they are being issued under federal authority.

She returned to work today nearly one week after being released from jail for failing to issue marriage licenses over her religious objection to same-sex marriage.

Davis filed an appeal Friday that asks for another delay in issuing the licenses. If the court does not respond before Davis returns to work, she will have to choose whether to allow her office to continue issuing licenses or again disobey the judge who already sent her to jail.

Davis wants her authority to be respected while she dismisses the authority of the Supreme Court. She claims the clerks have no authority to issue licenses. However, Davis said she would take no action against deputies issuing marriage licenses.

Watch courtesy of ABC:


U.S. Judge David Bunning said he would release Kim Davis because he was satisfied that her office was “fulfilling its obligation to issue marriage licenses to all legally eligible couples.”

In the video, Davis asks for a special accommodation to remove her name, while ironically saying, “Are we not a tolerant state….”

Davis was taken into custody on Sept. 3rd and held for five days. It’s not a grueling sentence for a person who is defiant in not doing her job solely to deny others their rights — while her salary is being paid by taxpayers – some of of which are gay.

In addition, this alleged human refuses to resign while pulling in a $79,796.68 annual salary.

That is more than twice what the average salary pays in Rowan County.

If giving same-sex couples marriage licenses is against her ‘conscience’ as she claims, then she should step down and give another person who is capable of doing her job a chance to make such a nice salary in the small town she resides in.

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