Kim Davis Supporters Rally Outside Judge’s Home: You Are ‘In Contempt Of God’s Court’


A group of anti-gay ‘Christians’ protested outside the judge’s residence who jailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis for contempt of court after she repeatedly denied same-sex couples a marriage license.
















Looking like Westboro Baptist Church members, the protesters included members of Operation Save America, the extreme anti-abortion group.

The River City News reports:

United States District Judge David Bunning,who lives on Carrington Point in Ft. Thomas, has been the target of such activists since his multiple rulings involving Rowan Co. Clerk Kim Davis who is now in a Carter Co. jail cell over her refusal to issue marriage licenses. Davis has refused to perform her job duties in Morehead since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is a right nationwide.

Rev. Flip Benham, the North Carolina-based leader of Operation Save America, released a statement saying that “Christians from all over the country” were going to be present in front of Bunning’s house.

Outside the judge’s home stood more than a dozen protestors holding signs that preached against homosexuality and that called for the release of Davis from jail. The group held hands, sang and prayed. Signs were held calling Kim Davis a ‘Christian hero.’

“You, sir, are the one that’s in contempt of the law; you, sir, are the one in contempt of God’s court, you’re in contempt of the Constitution of the United States of America, of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and sir, you need to repent,” said Benham. “And if you don’t repent, we’re going to ask that the sheriff in Grayson County arrest you for putting this precious little girl into jail, it’s wrong.”

Benham has previously been found guilty of stalking an abortion doctor in Charlotte. Operation Save America is an entity derived from the Operation Rescue movement which was tied to the murder of Dr. George Tiller.

Watch courtesy of WCPO:

Neighbors on the street did not agree with the protesters.

WLWT reports that Bobby McGovern and his partner of 38 years were married in 2014 when same-sex marriage was legalized in North Carolina.

“It’s sad that someone that did their job and followed the law, that his whole street now is affected by these yahoos with their signs and everything,” McGovern said. “My being married shouldn’t affect you or anybody it doesn’t affect. It’s ridiculous.”

Kim Davis’s husband recently demanded that Kentucky Governor Steve Behear do his job or resign — a thing which his wife has refused to do herself.

Beshear said on Monday that he won’t respond to clerk Kim Davis’ recent motion asking the governor to release her from jail while she appeals the contempt of court ruling and that it’s “between her and the courts.”

Bunning was appointed to the bench by President George W. Bush.

Things should get interesting when Westboro Baptist Church members, an anti-gay group, protests Kim Davis for committing ‘adultery’ thus causing same-sex marriage. It will be the pot meeting the kettle.

Meanwhile, Republican presidential candidates have thrown their support behind Davis.

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Image: WCPO.

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