King Of Fake News Donald Trump Tweets Out Recycled Clinton-Uranium Conspiracy Theory


It’s Thursday, which means it’s a day that ends in the letter “y,” so that must mean that Donald Trump is on Twitter yet again, circulating a conspiracy theory that has been debunked numerous times.

Here’s what Trump tweeted out:

Some background seems important for a full understanding of what Trump is saying in a desperate attempt to change the subject from his own abject failure. In 2010, a sale gave Russia control of 20 percent of the American uranium supply. Trump has repeatedly tried to assert that the deal was a quid pro quo for donations made to the Clinton Foundation.

But there’s just one tiny problem with Trump’s claim: It’s a complete fabrication. Snopes called the allegation “false” and commented:

“A key fact ignored in criticisms of Clinton’s supposed involvement in the deal is that the uranium was not — nor could it be — exported, and remained under the control of U.S.-based subsidiaries of Uranium One, according to a statement by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.”

PolitiFact rated the uranium deal lie as “mostly false,” noting:

“Clinton was secretary of state at the time, but she didn’t have the power to approve or reject the deal. The State Department was only one of nine federal agencies that signed off on the deal, and only President Barack Obama had the power to veto it.”


Despite all of these facts, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Chuck Grassley (R-IA) have decided to open an investigation of the Clinton-uranium matter, no doubt hoping they can use it to divert attention from the more serious criminal actions by Trump officials currently being investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Then again, neither Trump or the Republicans have ever been fans of fact. These are the same people who wasted millions of dollars on Benghazi for the sole purpose of trying to slag the Democratic front-runner in time for the 2016 election.

Nice try, Donnie, but we see right through your BS.

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