KKK Leader Responds To Concerns Over MLK Flyers Distributed In Virginia


After residents in Galax, Virginia, were concerned over Ku Klux Klan flyers found distributed in their neighborhood which calls Martin Luther King, Jr. a “communist pervert,” James Moore, the Grand Dragon State Leader for Virginia with the Loyal White Knights of the KKK, has responded.

One resident, Dolores Vass, felt she might have been targeted after finding the flyer on her property. “I grew up in the area, and I grew up with a lot of racial discrimination, and I’ve witnessed it firsthand,” Vass said.

The KKK leader says that’s not the case.

According to WBDJ, Moore says the pamphlets weren’t meant as hate towards anybody. He says the literature is part of a national recruitment.

But that hatred was directed toward a beloved civil rights icon.

According to Moore, he wanted to put out what he deems as the “truth” about Martin Luther King.

In addition to calling King a communist pervert, the flyer states he used money for civil rights to hire white prostitutes.

“I looked at the news article myself and people are complaining saying we targeted them. We’re not targeting anybody. We’re practicing our first amendment rights, getting our story out,” said Moore. “These are all facts and not fiction this was FBI records, that Martin Luther King was a card carrying communist as well as a pervert.”

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I totally support the First Amendment. That said, ‘sources say’ that Moore is a rat-fucker. I’m just exercising my First Amendment rights, you understand. Since Galax, Virginia is just an hour and a half away from where I live, I have a vested interest in printing out flyers to expose the ‘truth’ about Moore’s rat-fucking. I feel they should then be distributed in his neighborhood.

The 24-year-old Klansman attends a university so perhaps we should distribute the flyers around that area, too.

Moore said last year, “We got police officers in the Klan, we got lawyers, we got doctors – your next-door neighbor could be in the Klan, and you’d never know it.”

This is James Moore on the left:


If anyone ever deserved to be doxxed, it’s this rat-rapist. I wonder where exactly Moore lives. Feel free to send me any information, strictly for First Amendment reasons, of course.

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