Laura Ingraham: The Economy Is Healing Because Of Republican ‘Gridlock And Opposing Obama’


With the economy improving, President Obama’s poll numbers are rising and Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham is having none of that. Speaking of poll numbers, Congress’s approval rating still sucks.

On Sunday, Ingraham claimed (out loud) that Obama’s rising poll numbers could be countered by “gridlock” which would help the country.

“In defeat, Obama looks like he’s setting the agenda,” Ingraham whined on Fox News Sunday. “I mean, his poll numbers are up. He’s got a bounce in his step… He is rising in the polls as he comes off this near-historic defeat across the board.”

“The Republicans shouldn’t fall into the media trap of ‘We have to work with Obama! We have to work with Obama!'” she continued. “Obama is going off on his own. He’s going to sign an executive order, he’s going to close Gitmo, he’s draining Gitmo down.”

“Republicans have been successful and the economy has been improving with two things: gridlock and opposing Obama. The economy has been getting better!”

The economy is healing in spirt of gridlock by the Republican-led Congress, not because of it.


Next week on Fox, hosts will explain how invading sovereign countries is really ‘liberating’ them while improving America’s economy at the same time.

Oh, and Benghazi, Ebola, and the War On Next Christmas. Republicans are more concerned with keeping Obama’s poll numbers down until he leaves office. After all, when you’ve got nothing, go with nothing even if it harms the economy. Throwing mud and hurling feces is all they’ve ever done since Obama took office. Why change that tactic now.

Fun facts: In November, the Republican-led Congress polled with a 14% approval rating.

Obama’s approval rating is at 48%.

H/T: Crooks And Liars.

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